Division 11 (Blue Line)

Originally, the Sixth and Main Street Station was the Administrative Office controlling Pacific Electric Railway passenger service terminals such as Los Angeles, South Alhambra, El Monte, Pomona, Riverside, San Bernardino, Whittier, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Montrose and Sunland.

With the sale of the property to Metropolitan Coach Lines on October 1, 1953, MCL began to form divisions at outlying points as indicated by previous division data. In doing so, the controlling of outlying terminals by Sixth & Main Street Station diminished with each new Division established.

In 1954, Sixth and Main Street was officially assigned as a division with control over outlying terminals at Macy Street and Pasadena.

On March 3, 1958, with the formation of the LAMTA as a public transit service operator, the Division was assigned control of outlying terminals in Fullerton and Santa Ana.

On August 15, 1958, Sixth and Main Division was officially assigned the identification as Division 11.

During 1959, Division 11 and its outlying terminal divisions operated 5,524,668 service miles.

On June 19, 1960, with the System Shake-up, traffic loaders were assigned to this Division and identified as Division 21. Division 11 had 105 motor coaches and 160 operators assigned to its main location and auxiliary terminal divisions.

On September 10, 1961, the Division had lines 91 and 94 transferred from its jurisdiction, which changed its operator requirements from 160 to 95 operators. Division 11 closed on September 15, 1961 and its functions were transferred to Division 1.

A new Division 11 was opened when the Blue Line facility in Carson was opened in 1990. Its address is 4350 E. 208th St, Long Beach CA 90813.

Basic facts:

  • Length: 22 miles (21.5 miles surface/elevated, 0.5 subway)
  • Groundbreaking: October, 1987
  • Opening: July 14, 1990
  • Cost: $877 Million
  • Travel time Transit Mall to Metro Center – 52 minutes
  • Imperial/Wilmington (Green Line) to Metro Center – 23 minutes