Division 2 (Crossroads Depot)

Construction began on old Division 2 in August, 1903 and was officially opened as a Rail Division by Los Angeles Railway on February 1, 1904 at 53rd Street and South Park Avenue (later is now Avalon Blvd.)

Division 2 was assigned the first steel cars acquired in 1922, and in July 1923, the first home-built car rolled out of the Division (car number 1501).

A second Division 2 was opened on October 10, 1923 and was known as The Sixteenth Street Garage.

On January 29, 1929, The Sixteenth Street Garage was officially designated a coach division. During 1929, the Division had approximately 100 motor coaches. By 1940, the Division had grown to approximately 350 motor coaches and 550 operators.

For the first time in Los Angeles Railways history, a car house was closed down on July 31, 1932 when Division 2 ceased operation. The Division was closed due to its unhandy location:  Los Angeles having persisted in growing west instead of south.

The Division was equipped with approximately 230 rail cars and 450 conductors and motormen. The property became the Shops and Purchasing and Stores Department for the entire system.

On September 15, 1947, one hundred and five (105) motor coaches were transferred from Division 2 to Division 5 to supplement rail service.

In 1948, Division 2 operated 7,416,726 service miles and during the year of 1959, a total of 5,929,220 service miles were operated.

April 16, 1957, Division 2 moved into its present location and was assigned 205 operators and 315 motor coaches.

On September 10, 1961, this division operated line 91 and 94, which were formerly operated out of Division 11 and that portion of line 44 which has been operated out of Division 5.

Lines 47 and 92 were transferred to Division 1. Due to this change, personnel decreased from 315 to approximately 302 operators.

Because of economy, Division 2 removed 200 buses from service and soon after closed down on Sept. 7, 1985. Its lines went to various other divisions.

Division 2 reopened June 28, 1992.