Division 9 (El Monte, San Gabriel Valley)

The present Division 9 was formerly property of Pacific Electric Railway Company and operated as an outside terminal located at the present El Monte Station.

At this time, El Monte consisted of approximately 47 coaches and 95 operators that were controlled by the Administrative offices at Sixth and Main Street Station.

With sale of the passenger service and properties to Metropolitan Coach Lines on October 1, 1953, this location was established as a division point and controlled extra boards at Pomona and Riverside.

On January 30, 1955, a new division Administrative Building was completed and the El Monte Division moved to new facilities at 311 South Hoyt Avenue, El Monte.

At the same time, the Riverside location was assigned as Terminal and operated independently of El Monte, but under its jurisdiction.

At this time, Riverside had approximately 18 coaches and 35 operators while El Monte Division had 150 coaches and 185 operators.

On August 15, 1958, the El Monte Division was officially assigned to its present identification as Division 9.

In 1959, with the conversion to the five-day week, Riverside Terminal became identified as Division 13, but still remained under immediate jurisdiction of Division 9. During 1959, Division 9 and Riverside operated a total of 3,446,362 miles.

In 1960, Division 9 had 115 coaches and 192 operators assigned, while Division 13 had 20 coaches and 42 operators assigned.