Founder of the Pacific Electric Railway, Henry Edwards Huntington (b. 1850 in Oneonta, New York, d. 1927 in San Marino, California) was the nephew of Collis P. Huntington (1821-1900), one of the “Big Four” who built Central Pacific, the western part of the first transcontinental railroad, which later became Southern Pacific. H.E. Huntington came to Southern California in 1898, buying control of Los Angeles Railway. He began Pacific Electric in 1901, and its first route, from Los Angeles to Long Beach, opened in 1902. In 1911 he sold out his interests in Pacific Electric to the Southern Pacific Railway, retaining his ownership of Los Angeles Railway. Many Southern California cities and streets are named after him (Huntington Park, Huntington Beach, Huntington Drive). He founded the Huntington Library at his estate in San Marino, California.

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