Operated by MTA in four ways. First, extra service on regular routes to serve additional passengers due to special events. Examples include race track events and Disneyland. This supplement service on existing routes is sometimes referred to as line protection service because it protects the line from ridership overloads that the line’s regular passengers would otherwise experience if the extra service was not operated. Second, separate special event routes have been operated. Examples include separate race track routes, service to Los Angeles County Fair and service to L.A. Dodger games. When service reductions are necessary, this category of service is considered an early candidate for cancellation. The third category service for a special event which receives supplemental funds through a service contract. The Hollywood Bowl Park-Ride service is the best example. The fourth category consists of requests by individual groups for service to a special event. Even if fully funded from new monies, the MTA cannot operate such service under its prohibitions on operation of a charter service. The exception to this charter prohibition applies to a major event, such as the Superbowl, where it is determined that other carriers cannot meet the demand. Lastly, the MTA is restricted to the transport of private groups on a no change basis only where it is determined that the transportation is directly in support of an MTA program. One example would be the transportation of youth involved in a joint MTA-community program to eradicate graffiti.