December 12: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

Map accompanying Rapid Transit Route Location Considerations, 1966 (Click for more information)

1966:  The Southern California Rapid Transit District releases its Rapid Transit Route Location Considerations report.

The report establishes “the basic criteria for route alignment, special requirements for stations, and definitions of the first four corridors in which a rapid transit system is to be constructed.”

The identified corridors are:

  • Reseda Corridor:  running along the Hollywood Freeway to Van Nuys then westward to Reseda (17 miles long)
  • Wilshire Corridor:  running from downtown the length of Wilshire Boulevard to the San Diego Freeway (16 miles long)
  • San Bernardino Corridor:  running parallel to the San Bernardino Freeway to just east of Peck Road in El Monte (12 miles long)
  • Long Beach Corridor:  running from the Los Angeles Central Business District south to Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach (21 miles long)