September 27: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

The lake at MacArthur Park drained for transit construction, circa 1993 (Click for more information)

1994:  Ceremonies are held marking the post-Metro Red Line construction restoration of MacArthur Park.

The park closed in April, 1991 for construction of the Red Line west of the Westlake subway station.

In restoring the lake after it was drained for subway construction, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority rebuilt the lake with a new asphalt liner to improve maintainability, upgraded the lake’s aeration system to improve the oxygen supply for aquatic life, provided new lighting, built a new walkway around the lake, provided a new lighted fountain as the lake’s centerpiece and enlarged the island in the lake’s center.

The event includes the restocking of its urban lake with fish raised by local school children as a community outreach and education project of the LACMTA.

Children spent many hours feeding and caring for the fish, in addition to learning about biology, ecology and transportation planning.

Soto, Sheridan, Second Street, Saint Mary’s, Utah and Glassell Park Elementary Schools took part in the fish project.