Economic Impact Study: Measure R Projects, 2009-2038

One driving force behind this blog is the multitude of highway and transit improvement projects being planned and completed over the next 30 years.

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation has released The Construction Impact Of Metro’s Measure R Transportation Projects 2009-2038 (19p. PDF), an analysis of the economic impact on the region.

The study finds that total spending, budgeted to exceed $34.7 billion will generate $68.8 billion in economic output (measured by business revenues) in the five-county Southern California region, adding 507,500 jobs with earnings of $22.4 billion over the thirty-year period, or an annual average of 16,900 jobs with $746 million in annual earnings.

Total tax revenues collected will exceed $9.3 billion, or an annual average of $310 million. Approximately 70% of the total ($6.6 billion) will be earned at the federal level. More than $2.3 billion in state taxes will be paid over the thirty year period.