A transit mode that is an electric or diesel propelled_x000D_ railway for urban passenger train service consisting of_x000D_ local short distance travel operating between a central city and adjacent suburbs. Service must be operated on a regular basis by or under contract with a transit operator for the purpose of transporting passengers within urbanized areas, or between urbanized areas and outlying areas. Such rail service, using either locomotive hauled or self propelled railroad passenger cars, is generally characterized by multi-trip tickets, specific station to station fares, railroad employment practices and usually only 1 or 2 stations in the central business district. It does not include heavy rail rapid transit or light rail/street car transit service. Inter city rail service is excluded, except for that portion of such service that is operated by or under contract with a public transit agency for predominantly commuter services. Predominantly commuter services means that for any given trip segment (i.e., distance between any 2 stations), more than 50% of the average daily ridership travels on the train at least 3 times a week. Also known as suburban rail. (APTA)