Division 10 (Gateway)

Various locations have been labeled Division 10 over the years.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority took over operations from Metropolitan Coach Lines.

The Metropolitan Coach Lines, which owned Asbury Rapid Transit System facilities in Glendale, were called Division 10. They were separate because ARTS equipment was propane-fueled. It appears this facility was closed June 18, 1960.

At a later date, Division 3 also housed Division 10. At a later date, Division 10- East Los Angeles (or Gateway) was the designation for the Macy Street facility. A new Division (10) opened there in 1984, on a 20-acre site. The SCRTD already owned the land, so the cost of the facilities was $8.3 million.

The site was originally the Macy Street Shops of Pacific Electric Railway. There was a yard probably built in the 1900s. In 1917 the major PE repair facility in Macy Street Yard was constructed. We have included the buildings and their dimensions for cost comparisons. There included a car inspection house (246’x85’), a repair shop (160’x150’) a two-story trainmen’s building (32’x32’), and a storehouse (22’x25’). Total cost was $150,000.

Outside of heavy repairs which required Pacific Electric’s main shops at Torrance, the Macy Street facility took care of other repairs.

Buses were introduced into Macy in 1941, and with the conversion of the balance of the Northern District (lines to Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley and east) to buses in 1951, the tracks were removed and the facility was converted to a bus garage.

When Pacific Electric Railway sold its passenger business to Metropolitan Coach Lines in 1953, the Macy facility was turned over to Metropolitan Coach Lines.

Some Metropolitan Coach Line repairs were sent to Torrance Shops, but with the closure of that facility in 1954, all repairs were done at Macy Street.

When Metropolitan Coach Lines was sold to the new Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (along with Los Angeles Transit Lines) in 1958, the Macy Street facility was phased out and heavy repairs were moved to the former LATL South Park Shops.

The LAMTA located out-of-service diesel buses at Macy Street as well as the trolley buses after the 1963 abandonment of their lines.

Later the Property Maintenance Department was there for a few years, known as Location 15. Its later re-birth as an operating division in outlined above.