Division 5 (Arthur Winston, Mid-Cities)

Division 5 originally opened by Los Angeles Railway as a rail division in October, 1911, with a Car house holding 300 cars on 24 through tracks, at 54th Street and Second Avenue. Currently the division still exists in this location.

Division 5 was renamed “The Arthur Winston Mid-Cities Division” after Arthur Winston, born March 22, 1906.

Arthur Winston was hired by Pacific Electric Railway in 1924 worked for LACMTA until ___. He was named “Employee Of The Century”…

On August 18, 1923, the 54th Street Garage was opened; a part of Division 5. The garage maintained buses for various lines.

In 1940, this Division had approximately 250 rail cars, 70 motor coaches and 500 conductors, motormen and operators.

In February 1940, the following streetcar lines were assigned to the Division: F, K, U, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

On September 15, 1947, with the transferring of 105 motor coaches from Division 2, this Division became a joint car/bus division.

On April 18, 1948, the Division was split into separate rail and coach divisions.

The coach division was assigned as Division 6. At this time, there were approximately 255 operators assigned to Division 6 and 450 conductors and motormen assigned to Division 5 – a total of approximately 700 conductors, motormen and operators. During 1948, Division 5 operated 6,693,057 rail miles and assigned coach division, (Division 6) 4,714,010 service miles for a total of 11,407,067 service miles.

On July 25, 1954, the two divisions were again combined and known as Division 5.

At this time, the Division had approximately 525 operators assigned. Rail service was discontinued at the Division on May 21, 1955.

During 1959, the Division operated a total of 6,242,733 service miles.

In 1960, Division 5 had 238 motor coaches and 380 operators assigned.The old streetcar buildings were demolished in 1978 and replaced by a new facility, which opened in 1979.