For public works projects, a written notice issued to the Contractor Administrator specifying a change in the work within the general scope of the contract. The MTA may issue a Change Notice which is a request for Contractor’s proposal that…


A written document issued unilaterally to the Contractor by MTA. The unilateral Change Order is signed by the Contracting Office, but not by the contractor. The Change Order incorporates in the contract changes in the work. After receipt, the contractor…


A telecommunications path (pipe) of a specific capacity (speed) between two locations in a network.

Channelization device

For vehicles, consisting of a raised median or plastic delineator located in the center of a road which discourages a motorist from driving around a lowered crossing gate. For pedestrrians, fencing.


Transportation service offered to the public on an exclusive basis (either as individuals or as groups). It is provided with a vehicle that is licensed to render charter service and engaged at a specific price for the trip or period…


In transit operations, a record of the passenger volume on all transit units that pass a specific location or time point (also known as a Passenger Riding Count or Check), the actual time the unit passes it (also known as…


In transit operations, a ride on which an observer checks the operator’s skills, abilities, and compliance with rules and standard operating procedures. (TRB)


In transit operations, a person who observes and records passenger counts, timing, speeds, vehicle counts, schedule adherence, or other data useful in transit planning and scheduling. The position may be further specified as Schedule Maker, Traffic Checker, and so on.…