Maintenance & Material Management system. A material, equipment, and facilities management system that automates the control, planning, acquisition and distribution of inventory and tracking of maintenance activites.


A magnetically levitated transportation system that is suspended, guided, and propelled by electromagnetic force.


A card containing a magnetic tape strip or other electronic means of indicating the value purchased. The card is usually obtained from a vending machine and must be inserted into a farecard reader to gain access to the paid area…


A rail transportation system with exclusive right-of-way which is propelled along a fixed guideway system by the attraction or repulsion of magnets on the rails and under the rail cars. (APTA)


Territory control on all heavy and light rail lines by the Central Control Facility (CCF) consisting of main track, interlockings, turnback tracks and yard lead tracks to the Yard Limit sign. Mainline tracks are identified as: * AR/BR/YR- Normal westbound…


The quality of the combined features of equipment design and installation that facilitates the accomplishment of inspection, test, checkout, servicing, repair, and overhaul with a minimum of time, skill and resources in the planned maintenance environments. (NTSC)


Employee who maintains, repairs, constructs or otherwise improves the appearance of equipment or facilities.


All actions necessary for retaining an item in or restoring it to an operable condition. (NTSC)