“Farewell” to our Los Angeles Transportation Headlines…for now.

Our last day of Los Angeles Transportation Headlines in its current format will be Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

With very little advance notice, we have been informed that our digital daily newspaper platform, paper.li, is going away and will no longer be available for news aggregation and dissemination.

We are actively exploring and assessing alternative tools to continue providing you the best in curated transit and transportation news content from around the region and around the world.

We launched Los Angeles Transportation Headlines in 2005, when the internet, journalism, information sharing and public advocacy all looked very different than today. So much has evolved since then. We began with brief emails, then moved on to a blogging platform, RSS feeds, Google keyword alerts, and other tools before migrating to paper.li just under a decade ago.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to building a stronger, more enlightened workforce at Metro and across the transportation sector. We seek to surface news and other information that our subscribers tell us fills their information needs, often before they realize they need it!

We have learned that even if they do not read any or all of the articles, scanning the daily headlines keeps them apprised of what is going on in their subject areas of interest, and drives the water-cooler conversation around mobility near and far.

As librarians, we embrace this role as part of our outreach, engagement, and consciousness-raising mission and wish to continue it.

Los Angeles has one of the most ambitious mobility agendas in the world, and our city is gearing up for the Summer Olympics just five years from now. People around the globe will be focused on our region as we welcome the world and stage one of the most complex events on the planet — for the third time.

We anticipate that the need for transit and transportation news, information, analysis, and context will be even greater in the future, not to mention the unique urban form and history of Los Angeles. Our posts, pages, knowledge base digest, and daily calendar of “This Day in Los Angeles Transportation History” will continue here on Primary Resources uninterrupted.

We are hanging on to our subscriber lists, and we will migrate those email addresses to a new news platform when that is up and running.

However, that will not be before April 19 when we sunset our Headlines in their current form. So we will take an extended break and we hope to see you all on the other side!

— Los Angeles Metro Transportation Research Library and Archive