Regional Planning For A Sustainable America: How Creative Programs Are Promoting Prosperity And Saving The Environment

Carleton K. Montgomery’s Regional Planning for a Sustainable America is the first book to represent the great variety of today’s effective regional planning programs, analyzing dozens of regional initiatives across North America.

The American landscape is being transformed by poorly designed, sprawling development.

This sprawl — and its wasteful resource use, traffic, and pollution — does not respect arbitrary political boundaries like city limits and state borders.

Yet for most of the nation, the patterns of development and conservation are shaped by fragmented, parochial local governments and property developers focused on short-term economic gain.

Regional planning provides a solution, a means to manage human impacts on a large geographic scale that better matches the natural and economic forces at work.

By bringing together the expertise of forty-two practitioners and academics, this book provides a practical guide to the key strategies that regional planners are using to achieve truly sustainable growth.