April 14: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1883:  The Spring & Sixth Street Railroad Company is deeded to the Sixth & San Fernando Street Railroad Company.



1964:  Consulting engineer Wilbur Smith and Associates presents the Beverly Hills Freeway Traffic Study to the Beverly Hills Director of Public Works.


The study assesses two alignments and their impact to the city.

The northerly route is generally parallel to Sunest Boulevard, while the southerly route is generally along Santa Monica Boulevard.

The traffic volume in 1964 for the affected area was assessed to be 30% overloaded, while there is no capacity available to serve future growing demand for east-west movement, with all north-south arteries fully utilized by 1990.

In regards to the proposed “Backbone Route” of 1961 running from El Monte through downtown to the newly-planned “Century City,” the study states:

The question might be asked: Won’t the planned rapid transit system absorb enough of the 73% increase by 1990 to make a freeway unnecessary?

This can be answered simply in the negative, in view of the fact that this proposed system will subtract only 12,000 vehicles per day from the traffic stream in Beverly Hills, out of an anticipated east-west movement of 325,000 motor vehicles.

More information can be found in the 1964 Beverly Hills Freeway Traffic Study full-text report.