April 16: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1923:  Los Angeles Railway announces a salary increase to all train operators: 3-cents per hour.

Entry-level trainmen go from $0.46 per hour to $0.49 per hour.

More information can be found in the April 16, 1923 issue of Two Bells, the Los Angeles Railway employee news magazine.



1972:  Southern California Rapid Transit District moves its downtown Long Beach location from the Continental Trailways depot to a station facility in downtown Long Beach’s Breaker’s Hotel on Ocean Boulevard.

The facility provides easy boarding for all lines in and out of Long Beach, selling tickets and passes, and providing service information.



1974:  Southern California Rapid Transit District holds public hearings to review its Urban Mass Transportation Administration capital grant application for the Fourth Quarter of the 1974 fiscal year.

Projects include:

  • Division 7 relocation and reconstruction
  • Division 1 land acquisition and improvements
  • Macy Yard improvements
  • Print Shop improvements
  • 300 new buses
  • 250 buses rehabilitated
  • Emergency repairs to the Administration Building
  • Purchase of equipment to implement flat fare