August 5: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1954:  The Hollywood Freeway is considered completed.

State Highway Engineer George T. McCoy recommends that the last major construction unit of the freeway, a portion of US101 between Hollywood Boulevard and Pilgrimage Bridge (Cahuenga Pass) has finished construction.

The 10-mile, $55 million dollar Hollywood Freeway was envisioned at least thirty years prior.  A similar route was included as a unit of the Major Traffic Street Plan of the City of Los Angeles which was submitted to, and approved by the voters at the general election in 1924.

The freeway extends from Vineland Avenue in the San Fernando Valley and Spring Street in the Los Angeles Civic Center.  Already, 168,000 vehicles per day utilize the section between Vermont Avenue and the four-level interchange structure — making it “the most heavily traveled traffic arterial in the world.”

An exhaustive 13-page history of the planning and construction of the Hollywood Freeway can be found in the September-October, 1954 issue of California Highways and Public Works.