December 2: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History


















1948:  The Traffic Survey Committee of the City of Los Angeles submits their Street Management For Los Angeles: Appraisal and Recommendations report at a public meeting in City Council Chambers.

On March 11, 1948, Los Angeles Mayor Fletcher Bowron and the City Council requested that the Automobile Club of Southern California, the Los Angeles Traffic Association and the Automotive Safety Foundation of Washington, D.C. loan certain engineers for the purpose of creating a Traffic Survey Committee.

On April 5, the Committee was formed and work begon on an appraisal of Los Angeles’ street traffic problem to determine how various aspects of it were being handled by several city departments and to determine existing deficiencies in traffic management.

The Committee’s final report details numerous findings, objectives and recommendations.

The immediate priorities include the creation of a five-member Traffic Commission, establishment of a Department of Traffic Engineering, and establishment of a Technical Coordinating Committee of city officials concerned with traffic.

Some recommendations would require action by Charter change, including the transfer to the Department of Traffic Engineering the duties of locating transit stops, street lighting and the design of channelization and redesign of intersections.