January 27: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

2009:  The first light rail car tests for the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension are conducted, bringing rail service back to the area for the first time since March 31, 1963.

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The six-mile trip was part of a clearance test in which the car was towed rather than self-powered, at approximately 5mph so that proper clearance between surrounding equipment and facilities could be verified.

The $898 million Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension spans six miles from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to Atlantic/Pomona Boulevards in East Los Angeles, and features eight stations (two of which are underground).

The project serves one of the most densely populated and heavily transit-dependent areas of Los Angeles County.

It is completed under budget and completed ahead of schedule with an exemplary safety record:  More than 3.7 million construction working hours without a single lost-time injury — a record unparalleled by any major public works project in the country.

More information can be found in the January 27, 2009 issue of MyMetro employee news digest.