January 9: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1974:  A group of Southern California Rapid Transit District officials give members of the California State Legislature a “Los Angeles Rapid Transit Update” in Sacramento.

General Manager Jack Gilstrap announces the appointment of a special rapid transit team one week before on January 2 to help pass a final rapid transit plan to be put before Los Angeles County voters in November.

1980:  Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley and Southern California Rapid Transit District officials unveil the District’s new four-sided bus stop information signs in Van Nuys.

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The San Fernando Valley is the first region to receive the 8″x32″ signs, 30,000 of which are to be installed systemwide.  The signs provide specific route, fare and transfer information aimed at reducing some of the more than 10,000 daily phone calls to SCRTD’s 24-hour Transit Information line.

At the unveiling, SCRTD Board President Marvin Holen remarks that “part of the challenge in providing public transportation for Los Angeles County residents, with their traditional dependence on the personal automobile, is creating a climate of confidence with new riders.  These new information signs will do just that.”

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SCRTD General Manager Jack Gilstrap added that “our new sign, with the most complete transit information possible, is part of our commitment to serve the public’s transit needs in the 1980’s, when more and more people will be using public transportation.”

More information about the program can be found in the February, 1980 issue of Headway, the Southern California Rapid Transit District employee news magazine.