July 6: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

2005:  Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announces his three appointments to the Metro Board of Directors, and names his transportation deputy.

MyMetro Employee News Article

The mayor, sworn in five days earlier, chooses former California Assembly Speaker Richard Katz, Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, and attorney David Fleming.  He names Jaime de la Vega as his new Deputy Mayor for Transportation.

Villaraigosa promises to “bring the same energy and commitment to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that [he is] bringing to the city as mayor, [and] to work tirelessly to improve traffic and public transportation in the City of Los Angeles.”

Katz had served in the California Assembly (1980-1996).  He chaired the Assembly Transportation Committee and authored Proposition 111, a 10-year transportation blueprint to raise money for mass transit and highways.  He was also instsrumental in drafting legislation which created the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority in 1993.

Parks had joined the City Council representing the 8th district in 2003.  Prior to that, he was the City’s Chief of Police.

Fleming, is an attorney with Lathan & Watkins, and had served as a member and vice chairman of the California Transportation Commission.

Jaime de la Vega had previously served as budget director in the City Attorney’s office.

Additional information can be found in the July 6, 2005 MyMetro employee news digest.