March 6: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1887:  Judge Widney personally supervises a survey party to locate a route for a second transcontinental railway through Cajon Pass.



1932:  Pacific Electric Railway and Motor Transit Stages inaugurate a jointly sponsored series of radio programs over Station KHJ.  The programs, titled “Historical California,” consist of “dramatic re-enactments in music and story of the most thrilling and exciting events of Southern California’s glamorous history.”

The first programs cover such topics as the first discovery of gold in Southern California, the founding of Los Angeles, and the story of Mt. Rubidoux.  Each program is dedicated to a city or community served by either of the two transit companies, beginning with San Gabriel, San Fernando, Los Angeles, Whittier, Colton, and Riverside.

More information can be found in the March-April, 1932 issue of Pacific Electric Magazine.



2006:  Ten new state-of-the-art, high-capacity, 45-foot “composite” buses are added to Metro Rapid line 761 along Van Nuys Boulevard between Foothill and Ventura Boulevards and on to Westwood.

More information can be found in the March 6, 2006 Metro Press Release.