March 7: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1956:  The Los Angeles City Council decides to build a combined tunnel with viaduct extension for Fourth Street to cross the Harbor Freeway with its terminus at Olive Street.

The plan is revised after protests from Bunker Hill property owners.

More information can be found in the May-June, 1956 issue of California Highways and Public Works.

2003:  Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority announces two different proposals for restructuring its fares.

In addition to a $33 million deficit in its operations budget, fuel cost increases of $6.2 million, security cost increases of $3 million, and Workers’ Compensation cost increases of $11 million, the agency expects to take in $2.1 million less from the farebox.  The plans propose to bring in $45 million to $50 million more per year.

More information can be found in the March 7, 2003 post of the MyMetro employee news digest.