May 23: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1927:  Henry Huntington, the grandfather of Los Angeles transit, dies in Philadelphia at age 77.

Huntington worked alongside his Uncle at Southern Pacific Railroad before purchasing the narrow-gauge Los Angeles Railway in 1898.  In 1901, he formed the regional standard-gauge Pacific Electric Railway.

A short tribute to his life can be found in the May 30, 1927 issue of Two Bells, the Los Angeles Railway employee news magazine.



2015:  The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority marks the official dedication for the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension’s Operations Campus in Monrovia. in advance of the 11.5 mile extension to open in September, 2015.

The 24-acre, $265 million facility can hold 84 light rail vehicles.

Additional information and photos can be found on the May 26, 2015 post of The Source.