November 19: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

2000:  LACMTA begins bus service on Alameda Street between Union Station and the Metro Blue Line’s Washington station with the start-up of Line 58.

One of two pilot program lines developed to provide improved transportation to jobs, medical facilities and schools, Line 58 serves three large employment centers, including the Veterans Administration Hospital (at Alameda and Temple Streets), the Wholesale Produce Market, and the Los Angeles Times Distribution Center near Olympic Boulevard.

Line 58 operates seven days a week between 5:30 a.m. and 10 p.m., with 10-minute service on weekdays and 30-minute service at night and on weekends.

More information can be found in the November 8, 2000 issue of MyMetro employee news publication.


2008:  Metro launches the Metro Motion cable television show on its web property,  Metro Motion is a half-hour news show featuring a variety of entertaining and informative transportation news and feature stories. It runs quarterly on cable stations throughout Los Angeles County.

More information can be found in the November 19, 2008 Metro press release.