September 14: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1946:  105 Los Angeles Transit Lines motor coaches are moved from Division Two to Division Five following the conversion of the Division to bus service.

More information can be found in the September, 1946 issue of Two Bells employee news magazine.


2015:  The first Metro Bike hub opens at El Monte Station.  This is the first time that Metro builds a dedicated, secure-access bike parking facility directly at a transit station.

The new $635,000, 1,100+ square-foot secure bicycle parking facility has 56 parking spaces available to commuters who use the recently improved station — the biggest bus terminal west of Chicago, connecting directly to the Rio Hondo Bike Path.

More information can be found in the September 18, 2015 issue of Metro’s Every Voice Counts CEO Weekly Brief and this September 14, 2015 post on Metro’s The Source, which features numerous photos.