September 26: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

 1954:  The last day of service for Pacific Electric‘s Hollywood Boulevard Line via subway.

Pacific Electric’s Hollywood-Beverly Hills Line via Hollywood Boulevard, circa 1954 (Click to enlarge)

1994:  The American Public Transit Association honors the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority‘s Take Pride-Stop Tag anti graffiti program with a first place award.

The program was developed by LACMTA and implemented by school districts throughout Los Angeles County to combat graffiti and implement grafitti clean up programs.

Crowds at Metro Blue Line Pico / “Chick Hearn” Station for Lakers Parade Celebration Day, June 21, 2010 (Click to enlarge)


2002:  The LACMTA Board votes to memorialize Los Angeles Lakers broadcaster Francis “Chick” Hearn at the Metro Blue Line Pico Station, which Lakers fans use to get to and from the Staples Center (home of Los Angeles’ NBA team).

In his motion, Mayor James Hahn noted that, “By virtue of his announcing abilities, Chick Hearn was able to transport fans to courtside seats of the Los Angeles Lakers’ games by radio over 40 years.”

In honor of Hearn’s achievements and of his contributions to the game of basketball, the LACMTA Board instructed LACMTA staff to immediately designate the Pico station of the Metro Blue Line as the “Chick Hearn” station.

Hearn, who passed away August 2,  broadcast 3,338 consecutive Lakers games beginning in 1965.

More information can be found in the September 25, 2002 issue of MyMetro employee news digest and the September 26, 2002 issue of MyMetro employee news digest.