September 5: This Date in Los Angeles Transportation History

1931:  The extravagant “Epic of Transportation Parade” is one of the highlights of the 11-day celebration marking the 150th birthday of the City of Los Angeles.

The parade, viewed by an estimated 500,000 people along Broadway, featured vehicles and equipment from all over California to tell the story of local transportation history.

Los Angeles Times writer Harry Carr states that the “parade was the best outdoor show ever given in America.”

More information can be found in the September-October, 1931 issue of Pacific Electric Magazine.

1988:  Southern California Rapid Transit District General Manager Alan Pegg meets with members of the press to unveil models of the new and refurbished “Flxible” and “Double-Deck Freeway Flyer” buses.

The first shipment of 150 new advance design buses purchased by the District are designed for urban and heavy local service.  They have features such as large-platform wheelchair lifts at the front door, air-conditioning, and “vandalism-proof” interiors.

More information can be found in the October, 1988 issue of Headway, the Southern California Rapid Transit District employee news magazine.