Metro Rail Openings



1990 July 14: Metro Blue Line opens between downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach (later renamed “A Line”)

1990 September 1: Metro Blue Line Long Beach Loop opens

1991 February 15: Metro Blue Line, Segment II opens between 12th/Pico Station and 7th/Flower Station in downtown Los Angeles.

1992 October 26: Once part of Metro, Metrolink begins operations

1993 January 30: Metro Red Line, Segment I opens between Union Station and 7th/Metro Station (later renamed “B Line”)

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1995 July 12: Metro Green Line opens between Norwalk and Redondo Beach (later renamed “C Line”)

1996 July 15: Metro Red Line Segment IIA opens between Alvarado Street to Wilshire/Western Station (later renamed Purple Line, then again later renamed D Line)

2000 June 24: Metro Red Line Segment III opens between Hollywood/Vine and North Hollywood

2003 July 25: Metro Gold Line opens between downtown Los Angeles and Sierra Madre Villa Station in East Pasadena (later renamed “L Line”)

2005 October 29: Metro Orange Line opens, a 14-mile dedicated bus rapid transit line between North Hollywood and Woodland Hills (later renamed “G Line”)

2009 November 15: Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension opens between Los Angeles Union Station and East Los Angeles

2009 December 13: Metro Silver Line opens, a 38-mile bus rapid transit line between El Monte and Harbor Gateway / San Pedro, via downtown Los Angeles.

2012 April 27: Metro Expo Line, Phase I opens between downtown Los Angeles and Culver City (later renamed “E” Line)

2016 March 5: Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension opens from Sierra Madre Villa Station to Azusa Station

2016 May 20: Metro Expo Line, Phase II opens between Culver City and Santa Monica

2022 October 7: Metro Crenshaw Line (“K Line”) opens